The Photographer’s Eye: Finding Your Personal Vision

Shaw Nature Reserve

Gray Summit, Missouri

This full day workshop explores photography as an expressive art form and how to translate the vision in your imagination onto the canvas of the photograph.  What makes a photograph yours and not someone else’s?

We’ll study great photographs in the morning, taking a close look at the work of distinguished contemporary art photographers.

We’ll discuss what makes photographic style and challenge you to take the next step in your images.  We’ll reduce the highly technical to basic concepts.  We’ll do a couple of technical clinics.  We’ll explore the forms: cityscape, landscape, abstraction, still life, people and personal.  We’ll make photographs at the Reserve and critique them. There will time for dialogue on each participant’s vision and work, emerging or hopeful.  By the time you go home, you’ll have a better sense of who you are as a photographer and what your photographs are about.

A full day.  Lunch is included.


Notebook & pens

Camera(s) & digital media, tripods

Six digital files or prints (framed is OK) of your best work to share with the class

For files: USB stick or SD card

Your imagination . . .


To sign up, follow the links to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.