Robert George’s compelling portraits have been heralded as “brilliant, luminous and simply stunning.” He employs the techniques of street photography, photojournalism, studio portraiture and elements borrowed from the paparazzi. His photographs form a tableaux of the American social landscape, encompassing technology, race, celebrity, exclusion and excess.


In the words of one gallerist: “His range is incredible. From cityscape to landscape, architecture to people, he finds and abstracts the human values.” His early work included a multi-year study of the Monadnock building in Chicago, as well as Glengarry Road, a series of travel and landscape photographs.  Anonymous, his most recent project, is a look at lostness in modern life and considers how technology, pop culture, media and inequality are shaping our search for identity.


A frequent lecturer at workshops, Mr. George holds a master’s degree from Washington University and maintains a studio in Maplewood, MO, a township adjoining Saint Louis.